Sometimes I hear people saying they want to change the future but they don’t seem to know the past. Sometimes I see people trying to change others, trying to change the world, but they don’t seem to know who they are themselves. This is how the first trailer of ‘Origins’ album, the sixth LP of the Swiss from Eluveitie, begins. It will see the light of day on 1st of August. If you want to see how the rest looks, check below:

As we’ve wrote – Origins will be released on 1st August 2014 via Nuclear Blast Records. The disc deals in depth with Celtic or, to be more precise, Gallic mythology and tradition. Its lyrics are the result of collaboration between musicians and scientists from several universities. All these efforts were made to present Celtic spirituality faithfully and unmistakably. The cover artwork for the CD, that you can see below, was created by Chrigel Glanzmann under the supervision of experts from the University of Zurich. It was made along the lines of symbol of Sucellos (Celtic god of death), which was found on the statue excavated from the Gallo-Roman house in modern France.


Below you can find the full tracklist of Origins:

01. Origins
02. The Nameless
03. From Darkness
04. Celtos
05. Virunus
06. Nothing
07. The Call Of The Mountains
08. Sucellos
09. Inception
10. Vianna
11. The Silver Sister
12. King
13. The Day Of Strife
14. Ogmios
15. Carry The Torch
16. Eternity