RockHarz Open Air 2014 banner

Dear readers, with barely contained delight, we would like to introduce you to yet another foreign festival that’s worth visiting. During this year’s RockHarz Open Air, which will take place between the 10th and 12th of July in Ballenstedt in Germany, there will be no short of events that will appeal to every folkmetal fan.

During the festival, 51 bands will play with 8 folk and viking-metal ones. The most important of those will definitely be In Extremo, a band immensely popular in Germany, who will be one of RockHarz’s headliners. From some other famous bands, we’ll see: the ever-drunk Finns from Korpiklaani, their compatriots of Amorphis (folk/progressive metal), the German Equilibrium (folk/Viking metal) and the Dutch folk/viking metal formation Heidevolk . Among the lesser known ones we’ll also see: Einherjer (viking/folk metal), Saltatio Mortis (folk metal) and Fjoergyn (folk metal). Obviously, among the other 43 bands there will be even more fantastic groups from other genres, like: Sabaton, Children of Bodom and Arch Enemy.

Tickets for RockHarz Open Air 2014 cost 81,90 euros and are still available at the festival’s website.

RockHarz Open Air 2014