Although the release date of a new Alestorm album is set for next week, due to our cooperation with Napalm Records we have already been able to listen to the new long-play by the Scottish pirates. Captain Christopher Bowes and his crazy crew proudly present Sunset on the Golden Age. Let’s turn up the speakers, pull the anchor out and set off, ahoy!

The album drips not only with seawater, beer and rum, but also with alestormity. It’s exactly the sound Alestorm inured us to, but in a fresh and more mature edition. As the style of the album doesn’t need any further depiction, I will proceed to talk a bit about the songs. An opening track Walk The Plank isn’t quite original. To tell the truth, every Alestorm fan already knows the chorus: it’s lick-alike to The Sunk’n Norwegian with changed lyrics. I like the keyboard track and its fast pace, though, so the song is good. Drink, which has already been released with a videoclip, is a song that presents the bands style in all its glory. Magnetic North is arguably one of the best Alestorm tracks ever. Very melodic, rhythmic and heavy (here and there) one for sure. Once again, I really like what Elliot Vernon did there. Also, the song tells us a secret of the band: they probably like To Hell And Back by Sabaton. Why? You’ll find out once you listen to it. 1741 has a ridiculous beginning that sounds like a low-budget video game tune. Nevertheless, it fits the song just fine and is well-produced so you shall make yourselves ready to be nicely surpriced with this long and heavy track. Mead From Hell and Surf Squid Warfare are lively, stuffed with accordion songs with great guitar solos. Those are, unfortunately, way too quiet… should have been mixed better. The latter song’s ending is surprising, but I don’t want to spoil it and so won’t write anything about it – you’ll find out once you get the album. Quest For Ships is interesting and melodic, but quite bland among other tracks. Wooden Leg! is a short, shoddy song, but I believe it to be amazing for the gigs as it seems to be created with dedication to the wall of death. Expect that fast-paced track on every setlist. And now, ladies and gentlemen, Hangover. It’s FABULOUS! Maybe even the best Alestorm song ever. I feel so frustrated not being able to share it with you all. Just remember: once you get the album, start the listening with the track no.9 and sing along: I got a hangover, oooh, I’ve been drinking too much for sure […] and I can drink until I throw up. That song should be closing the album, because the title track sucks.

The album is great and really worth listening. It won’t let the fans down and is likely to draw the new ones. It’s very melodic, rhythmic and a bit heavier than usually. I like it. But for the horrible title track, the grade would have been even higher.

Grade: 8.5 /10