The Moon And The Nightspirit will have concert at February in Poznań and Kraków. We were lucky and we had possibility to ask some question earlier.

1. Your lyrics refer to the heathen legends and stories. Are you feeling personally connected with  the folklore or rather you treat it as a source of inspiration?
Actually, it is both. We are personally connected to these hungarian legends and tales, as they are the written manifestations of the hungarian spiritual heritage -that we must preserve in this dark, technophile age- , and we are also inspired by these wonderful fables. Our music on the one hand is a dedication to the unseen, yet all-permeating forces that slumber in the arborescent depths, deep inside the growing seeds and blooming burgeons, the secret heart of Nature that throbs in all the creatures of the earth. On the other hand a dedication to the nocturnal, star-veiled, dream-woven face of the world, the secret Nature, the lunar sanctuary, the shelter of the weary and matter-bound spirit and soul.
2. What was the purpose of switching from English to your father tongue since the second album?
We can express ourselves more easily and accurately using our native language. We think, speak and dream Hungarian, so it was a natural step to use our own, beautiful and magical tongue to tell the tales of The Moon and the Nightspirit. On our first album we only had two songs in Hungarian and others in English, but we soon realized that using Hungarian gives the songs a whole new dimension, and add many more layers to the atmosphere of our music. However all our released albums include the english translations, so understanding the lyrics shouldn’t be a problem for non-hungarian speakers as well.
3. Your skills with instruments are mind blowing. Was it hard to master such many instruments? How long it took?10635777_10152691038529884_5770081824674603795_n
Though we learned the basics in musical schools, we are both self-taught musicians with a perversion to learn to play as many instuments as possible. 🙂  Our main instruments are the violin  and the acoustic guitar. I think we are decent players of violin and guitar, but we are of course not masters of all the other instruments  -one lifetime wouldn’t be enough for that-  and we treat ourselves more like enthusiastic amateurs.  However we are trying our best to learn to play them decently.
4. How do you remember your previous performances in Poland?
We had great times in your wonderful country and enjoyed all the live shows there. Great and very kind audience. We are very happy to return and play to you again in 2015, on the 18th February in Krakow and on the 19th February in Poznan.
5. How do you remember your best gig?
We had many great and memorable shows so far. It is very hard to pick only one and say it was the best one.  All gigs are different and most of them are indeed memorable ones. However If I must I would choose our first live show abroad on a big festival in Belgium at the Trolls and Legends festival. It was a wonderful experience – especially because of the atmosphere of the event  and for us, personally it was  the beginning of a fantastic journey.
6. You are frequently compared to Omnia. How does it feel?10639546_10152707000399884_7607259734396410995_n
Maybe it is the common inspirational source – Mother Nature- and the message – that the eternal, but long-lost link between Man and Mother Nature, between the material and the spritual must be restored- are what connects these bands in a way, but musically I don’t feel too much similarities to be honest. Nevertheless they are a great band so we don’t mind being compared to them.
7.  Albums covers are your own work. Where do you find inspiration for them? How does the creation process look like?
The artworks are Agnes’s reflections to the music and the lyrics. They are all strongly connected to the lyrical and/or musical concept of the actual album. Usually this is the last phase of the creative process. When all musical parts are already written and recorded, when the whole album starts to shape into a cohesive form, she starts to paint images evoked by the music. I really adore her works and I think her visual art adds an other interesting and unique layer to the world of The Moon and the Nightspirit
8. What are your personal relations outside the band?
We are a duo/couple outside the band as well.
9. Would you become a member of the European Parliament, If yes the what changes would you introduce?
Well, I cannot answer this one. We are not interested in politics.