Hyrtharia answered all the questions

How did you come up with an idea of combining gentle folk sounds and death metal?

Because we like the two styles and we tried to blend those in one, and that’s the result, haha, we tried to get the best of those with our style.

What gives you the creative inspiration?

Jön always thinks about nature or nordic and pagan legends when he composes, at the same time he gets inspired by war.

How do you handle the fast pace of working? How do you reconcile your private lives with work and gigs?

We work a lot every week, and we have a lot of plans. Our private lives diminished and reconciling the work with the gigs is difficult, because we have to change some days of work for shows, it’s all we can do.

Are there any plans for gigs abroad in the near future? If so – where?

Yes, we are thinking about some shows in Germany in April, and maybe France and Italy.

In Dragon’s Tales there is a conversation between a dragon and the town defenders. Where did the idea come from?

It’s Hysteria’s idea, she thought that could be easier to combine the male and female voices with a conversation between evil and good.

You have changed your logo. Why?

We wanted to give the logo a professional look, because the first one was a drawing and the colors and dragons weren’t what we wanted to show.

You’ve had gigs with many bands. Which of them do you recollect with the biggest pleasure?

Fangorn from Russia with Drakum from Barcelona, in Barcelona in 2013, two amazing bands, we wish we could play together again.

Thorgrimr does not sound like a Spanish name. Why was the band formed in Spain?

Thorgrimr isn’t his real name, it’s an artistic name, haha, but on the other hand he comes from Germany, but he always lived in Spain.

Is watching your fans moshing at your gigs gratifying for you, or maybe you prefer some other kind of expression?

All kinds of expression are gratifying for us, our fans are our treasure.

The last question, but who knows, maybe the most important of them all: do you like chocolate pudding?

Yes, we swim in pudding every day.