Berserker from Vilnius, Lithuania, has recently released their debut single. We liked it and decided to share the song with our readers. Your reaction was as enthusiastic as ours. Then it was obvious: we had to get to know the band a little better.

I wrote a message to the band to get some information. Berserker are almost six years old. Lately they were spending their time on preparation of what is to become their debut album. It’s recorded, pre-mixed and entitled. Now it is all the matter of finding a label willing to release it. However, you don’t need to wait anymore to find out what you could expect from Berserker and their Dark Worlds Collide album. It’s been a great pleasure for me to listen to it. I am going to share my observations with you.

Dark Worlds Collide
1. Intro
2. Dark Worlds Collide
3. Warhell
4. Madness Machine
5. Day That Human Died
6. Wolf
7. Prelude
8. Viking Ship
9. Mūšis Už Žemę

A running time is almost 44 minutes. With two very short tracks aboard (Intro, Prelude), other songs have quite a lot of time for themselves (e.g. Wolf lasts 7:53) and so the album won’t leave you insatiate. As I have already mentioned, the album is yet to receive the final mixing, but you shouldn’t understand it to be lacking a lot. The mix is good and only needs to be polished up. Having in mind the incoming amendments, I will try to be understanding.

The album begins with a magnificent Intro which is right how I like it most – it’s a short symphonic track with deep-sounding, rhythmic drums which gradually turn into a very nice, huge orchestration. If you like film music, you’re gonna love it.

Intro goes smoothly into a title track Dark Worlds Collide, integral part of which it is. I am a big fan of the percussion track during this transition, though the cymbals get a bit too loud at a certain stage later in the song. An important part of the song is played on flute and makes vocals sound bigger. While I’m on vocals, I should express my opinion on them. There are two voices on the album: lead female vocals and growling backing male vocals. The female voice is quite different from what we usually hear. It’s deep, clear and rather low-range. I like it. A diction is what I could criticise a little. The lyrics are in English so I expected to understand them without problems. However, the vocalist’s accent distorts the pronunciation making some parts difficult to understand. The problem doesn’t appear on male vocals, these are fine. It’s not a big deal but I guess it needed to be mentioned in this review. A very rich background of all songs on the album is created by keyboards. To top it all off, there is a really well-matched guitar solo in each song that fits the song’s atmosphere perfectly. The one in Dark Worlds Collide is among the most glamorous.

Like the title says it, Warhell is not a song about joy and happiness. The track begins with a sound of shooting and explosions, then the snare enters and it gets warlike as hell. Berserker are really good in depicting their lyrics in music and I could write it in the commentary to every single song. Most of the bands could take a lesson or two from them. Finally the song goes fast. The main riff, just like the solo, is performed on flute. Guitars do the job too, as they emphasize the atmosphere really well.

Madness Machine starts with instrumentation from the very beginning. It’s a song with a peculiar, fast-paced chorus. You can feel it is rather rough. Due to that, the song might not be very appealing on its own, but it is great as a part of the album. It is exactly what was needed to connect Warhell with…

Day That Human Died. This song is not a bit less peculiar than the previous one is. Begins in a melodic/power metal style, then comes a verse in a sort of idyllic & folksy style dressed in rock music, and, finally, there is a fast, growled chorus in a melodic/death metal style. However, what is most shocking about this song is that the whole thing sounds really well together. I don’t feel any dissonance, what might be unbelievable for you not knowing the song. I don’t like the way the song ends: there is a chord and then silence out of the blue. It would be more natural if the music theme from the beginning or chorus was repeated and then the final chord came, but it’s my opinion and I don’t want to question the band’s choice – they certainly had a purpose of doing it the way they did.

After several heavy tracks you need something calm. You get Wolf, a nice power-ballad with acoustic guitars, light drums, a flute, subtle vocals and a slow pace. The song is long but not boring at all. I love it, my favourite one! I like what the band did in the final chorus: there is a change of rhythm, the vocals are doubled. Even if someone doesn’t like Berserker’s album, Wolf will suit their taste.

To help us get back to the heavy climate, the band created Prelude leading us to Viking Ship. It’s a short, calm track composed of sounds of waves hitting the sea shore and thunders far away but closer and closer. The whole thing, combined with simple guitar and keyboard stems, sounds a little ambient. Prelude smoothly transitions into Viking Ship. After a short opening performed on a flute, drums and a bass guitar, comes a very lively song. The band depicts the lyrics perfectly, again. Even the vocalist sounds like a sea captain. There are some calm parts which make the fantastic refrain even more spectacular. I have a feeling that this song is going to be a real hit.

The album ends with Mūšis Už Žemę well known to our readers. A nice and calm opening with a big flute’s contribution goes into a lively song that sums the album up perfectly (the promotional single was chosen very well). It’s a great song and I listen to it with pure joy every day. No further comment is needed as you can hear it yourself:

Have you been waiting for a band that would enter the folk metal stage, bring some freshness and become an international legend of the genre? Berserker might be what you’ve been waiting for. You don’t hear something as good as Dark Worlds Collide very often and it’s only a debut album by this Lithuanian band. Long years of hard work on completing and polishing the material paid off. The album is very mature and original. I am not able to name any band that sounds similarly. The band express themselves, not their inspirations, in their music. Even Viking Ship, a very sea-like song, sounds nothing like Alestorm of whom you might have thought while reading my review. The band from Vilnius will succeed if they are able to perform on stage as well as in studio. I believe that year 2015 will bring great things for the band and their debut album will appear on thousands of shelves around the world. There is a place prepared on my shelf to welcome a magnificent Dark Worlds Collide.

9 / 10