Anna Murphy wasn’t the only one to give us an interview during the folk edition of Rock in Szczecin. I’ve also had an opportunity to talk with the members of a belarusian band Forodwaith.

H – Heidrunn
M – members of Forodwaith

H: There are not many folk metal bands in Belarus. Do you know any other ones? Have you ever played with another folk metal bands from your country?

M: Sure, we played with and met some such music groups from Belarus. There are some bands that play folk metal, but not the same style as us. I’d say WE do not exactly play folk metal. We play, well, more like “fantasy metal”. With some epic and mythological inspirations. We also had lyrics inspired by Tolkien, but we also try to write some more lyrics about Scandinavia. Actually, we do not play FANTASY metal – it’s FANTASTIC metal.

H: The band’s name was inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien’s works. Are you Tolkien fans, or was it just one person’s idea?

M: No, it’s not like we’re in a Tolkien fanclub or something. We named our band Forodwaith, because, you know, that means “people from the northern lands” in some Middle Earthian language. And we are from Vitebsk, it’s in the north of Belarus, so we decided that it’s a good name.

H: Why have you chosen to play that kind of music? Do you listen to folk metal? And how long do you play together?

M: I wanted to play punk rock. Then I wanted to play thrash metal… I knew some folk metal bands, like In Extremo, and finally I’ve decided that I want to play that kind of music. I wanted to create something that included all of these.
And about playing with this guys, I guess it goes as far as 2010.

H: And how do you like playing in Poland?

M: It’s really fantastic! Great venues, great people. Everything, I think, is on a high level. We’d like to play here again and again, and if we will be invited, we surely will do it!

H: What are your plans for 2015? Any new songs or videos?

M: We will record songs for our second album and maybe a video. Then we want to make more merchandise finally, because we are playing for 4 years now, and we made our merch a month ago…

H: So, thanks for answering all of my questions and for giving us this interview!

M: Thank you too and see you!