Even though a release date together with a title of the new album remains unknown, Icelandic band Skálmöld decided to announce all the titles the songs will have. Just like all the past ones, it is to be a concept album. Tracklist:

1. Að Vori
2. Með Fuglum
3. Að Sumri
4. Með Drekum
5. Að Hausti
6. Með Jötnum
7. Að Vetri
8. Með Griðungum

Release date seems likely to come rather sooner than later as the album is already recorded and mixed. It can be easily presumed that the tour the band is going on this Autumn is planned to promote it.

All the upcoming Skálmöld gigs in Poland are under FolkMetal.pl media patronage and so we invite you to attend them. Icelanders will share the stage with Arkona, Eluveitie and some smaller bands. Skálmöld will be assisted by a drummer Kristján “Breytari” Heiðarsson, who is standing in for Jón Geir dealing with health problems.