Have you ever wondered how would Eluveitie sound with Italian lyrics? Or maybe French? The answer is drawing near. The Helvetians have just published their new single from Origins album.

A song entitled The Call Of The Mountains will come in two editions, in five different languages: English (on album) and Swiss German, French, Italian & Romansh combined (as bonus track). A new clip showing all 5 versions was released today as an earnest.

This one’s long overdue. Another “Origins” song you say? Well, yes indeed. Finally, a song about our beautiful mountains? That, too. But also an idea we’ve considered for a number of years now: a song released not just in English and/or Gaulish, but in all four of Switzerland’s beautiful national languages! A song about the long searched for destination at the end of the epic journey of the Celts, who were to become the Helvetians – a song about our mystical and unparalleled Alps.

Eluveitie are coming to Poland in Noverber. All the gigs are under FolkMetal.pl media patronage.