Yrzen is a French band created in 2006 by students of university of Amiens, in northern France. All band members are fans of melodic death metal, but they also enjoy different stuff, from Dimmu Borgir to Fintroll. As they didn’t want to become one of a lot of melodeath copycat bands, they decided to play their own kind of music, mixing all of their favorite influences into one band.
Songs, composed mainly by guitarist Corentin, are inspired by many different things – both personal and cultural. For Clément, the lead vocalist, the inspirations come from European paganism, nature, science and literature.
Despite liking a lot of different metal bands, Yrzen members try no to be too much influenced by them. They do not want to be another clone of some other band – Yrzen prefers to stay unique on the metal scene.
The band’s only album Fimmrot was released in 2013, but Yrzen is now recording their second one – to be released in late 2015 or early 2016.

Clément “Thorn” Vernier – lead vocals
Corentin Savineau – guitar and choirs
Loic Bruneliere – guitar
Florian “Vyküü” Menard – bass and choirs
Dany Serreau – drums

Fimmrot (album) 2013